Friday, 30 April 2010

NaPoWriMo # 30

The great flood.

All I know is that I am not in straight lines anymore

I am unorganized.

I am un-anything.

All the possibilities flew by when I was unawake

And the possibility of sleeping was all that I

ever longed for.

I sit in the lazy shadows,

Surrounded by my treetops, insurmountable

And dissolve into shrinking lakes,

Coloured blue by my tears.

Liquid expanses of melancholy,

So great that I forget the speck on the shore

is a man. I share my air with creatures who

came from the lake to drink my tears,

until they were not hungry anymore

and instead I flooded whole towns, districts and counties

with my sobbing.

Everything swept away like Noah and the Ark.

You couldn’t even imagine it.

I have lain for hours with puffs of cotton

In my ears, lying

To the boy who knocks on my door.

I hear the faint tac tac tac of the nails

He hammers in one, by one, by one.

His reactions do not take my world by surprise

Because no one has every really understood

that when everything I do feels like dying,

there is no possibility of ever feeling

Alive again.

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